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My life

Hello my name is Sascha Sallès I'm a second year student of computer engineering. I was born in Bayonne in the Basque country in France and I've had a great passion for computers since I was a child. When I was younger, another passion came into my life, music. From music school to the conservatory of the Landes, via the conservatory of Bayonne, I climbed the ladder to reach my music studies certificate in 2019.

Studies and Career

In 2018, I decided to join the computer science engineering school Ingésup. Why this choice? Because this school is in partnership with many companies at the cutting edge of technology. Among them, one of them has contributed to make my passion for computer science more intense. Integrating Apple and evolving with them is therefore my long term goal. Why Apple? Because Apple is a company with various moral and conceptual principles with which I feel perfectly attuned. For the moment, I have decided to use my Apple skills to help individuals and have created my micro-business where I sell my services.

Skills & Organism Certifications 🏆