YourMask - 48h Challenge

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Posted on May 15, 2020, 7:25 p.m.
YourMask - 48h Challenge

Every year, my engineering school launches one or more challenges: the famous "48h challenge". This year the subject was "Create an application that helps people from Bordeaux". Of course the project takes place over 2 days, and we only have day and night to develop. So with my group of students we decided to invent "YourMask", a website allowing our users to know in real time which retailers/pharmacists have anti-COVID19 masks. In addition, users can trace an itinerary from their home to the point of sale as well as visualize each point of sale on a map. As for the retailers/pharmacists, they just have to register on our site, and inform their stock of masks. They can also easily view their reservations. Thanks to Florian Leveil, Antoine Delbrel and Quentin Regnault for their awesome work 🥳

Technologies used : Front-End: Bootstrap, Bootswatch. Back-End : Laravel7, MySQL Server: Apache + ufw + Let's Encrypt

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